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Lending Products

Commonwealth Community Bank is here for all your lending needs.  To print blank PDF application documents for auto, personal, or home equity loans please see the application and disclosures below.  To apply online, click the following linkOnline Consumer Loan Application

Consumer Loan Application- printable pdf version

Privacy Notice- printable pdf version

Appraisal Notice-printable pdf version

Promo Heloc Disclosure- printable pdf version

Prime Home Equity Disclosure- printable pdf version

Heloc Booklet- printable pdf version

*Please be aware that submission of information or application is not an automate guarantee of extension of credit and additional information may be necessary in order to process your loan request.  Once an application is submitted, either in person or online, you understand that Commonwealth Community Bank will have to check and verify credit worthiness by obtaining credit report(s). Commonwealth Community Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and is an FDIC Insured Institution.

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